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After taking Professor Bob Kegan’s course on adult development and constructive developmental theory, I was struck by three things.  First, how meaningful the content was to me, personally.  Second, how sorely needed these ideas were for our fragile, interconnected world.  And third, how curious it was that such ideas, after having been around for decades, were still not widely disseminated–starting with the basic idea that adults even develop at all.

This blog is an attempt to not only further my own learning about theories of adult development but also to be a resource to encourage their wider dissemination through the examination of everyday experience in accessible language.

Where to Go from Here

I currently group posts on this blog into four overlapping categories:

Organizations: topics related to the application of theories of adult development in organizational development and learning, or coaching.

Popular Culture/Society: posts reflecting on some aspect of everyday life through the lens of adult development.

Teaching/Theory: topics related to the teaching of such theories or education.

Tutorials: posts designed to be self-guided tutorials about adult development.

If this is your first visit to this blog, I encourage you to start with the following four posts which are designed to act together as a self-guided tutorial on Kegan’s theory of adult development:

The first post is an overview of Kegan’s theory.

From there, if you would like to learn about an interview technique that explores a person’s development in terms of this theory, see this post on the Subject/Object Interview.

If you are interested in learning about applying this theory to personal development or in organizations, I would recommend this post on the Immunity to Change™ process.

And if all of this piques your interest enough to want to learn more, this post summarizes some additional resources on adult development.

The remaining posts on this blog are my random observations about everyday experience through the lens of adult development.  Here is a representative sample:

Considering the movie classic Saturday Night Fever through the lens of adult development.

An exploration of how adult development might affect the behavior of individuals in groups.

A 15 minute video narration of a presentation exploring the possible relationship between immigration and development.

A short essay musing about the Dalai Lama’s developmental path and its implications for all of us.

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  1. February 18, 2011

    Hi, I also took Robert Kegan’s course, way back in 2003- and it has stayed with me every day since then. I agree that there is a curious ‘immunity’ to these ideas becoming more widely known.
    I now direct a programme in London
    through which I hope to bring Kegan’s ideas (and related work) to wider attention.
    Thanks a lot for creating this blog, which I look forward to reading and returning to.
    Best wishes,

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